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Print and Pattern Collections

For the Girly Girl
Lifestyle Collection

“For The Girly Girl” is a collection that has allowed me to explore girly things in a stylised approach with pops of brights and pastels in my colour palette – my favourite colours to work with! I love how the playful, vibrant and bright colours contrast pleasantly with the pastels. I have explored various sub-collections which has enabled me to gain an insight to my client who is a 13-25-year-old girl. She is in touch with her feminine side, loves to be pampered and isn’t afraid to stand out. Engaging with the client in mind I have been able to build a playful lifestyle collection for a girl’s bedroom. My inspiration has come from the influences of my ‘girly’ childhood which has allowed me to express myself and reveal my true love for ‘girly things’. I’ve had a lot of fun creating and designing this collection especially reminiscing with the girly things I loved as a teenager and things that I still love now. I would love this collection to be brought to life as fabrics and paper, for fashion, stationery and homeware. 


Insight into the Pattern Collection

Lovin' It-01.jpg
Lil Hearts-01.jpg
Lolliop, Lollipop.jpg
Keeping It Together-01.jpg
Loveheart Sunglasses.jpg

CAD Visuals

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 15.04.26.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 15.04.16.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 15.03.28.png

Sweet Thing

Gifting and Stationery Collection

I worked on a live brief in September - November 2018, in partnership with IG Design Group. Sweet Thing is a gifting and stationery collection intended for gift wrap and the accessories to go with it. The brief was very open to themes and subject matter, with key elements to design for, such as gift bag, ribbon, bow, gift roll, gift sheet, card and also to supply a unique selling point. My inspiration for this collection comes from birthdays and celebrations with lots of very sweet things given to us - which invites elements of positivity throughout and very catchy puns. I created a collection based on fruits and sweets, combining both of these allowed me to explore further with the unique selling point where I created a range of hand made scented gift tags. I had a lot of fun designing for gift wrap as it allowed me to really visualise my designs in a commercial way. I also worked on a fabric fashion outcome where I had my designs printed on fabric and put onto CAD.


Insight into the Pattern Collection

Lemon Sherbet
Playful All Sorts.jpg
Strawberry Bon Bon
Sweetheart Candy
Banana Milkshake

Birthday Cards


CAD Visuals

Playful All Sorts CAD
Strawberry Bon Bon CAD
Cupcakes CAD

High Spirited
Interior Collection

I wrote my own brief in the second year of University and chose to design a collection for Interiors. I was inspired by the very bright and botanical brand Harlequin, after visiting Chelsea Design Harbour and once seeing the fabrics up close, it didn't take long for me to become inspired by the subject matter and bright colours! My interior collection, High Spirited, has been inspired by a love for life and always having high spirits and being positive. I wanted to focus on the feeling of happiness as well as a love for nature and outdoors. Combining them both I have designed a collection to brighten homes. I wanted to keep it fun and playful and kept my client in mind when designing. The client is a mature lady who lives in a busy city, enjoys the luxuries in life, and loves to adventure to the forest and outdoors when she has a chance from her busy lifestyle.   


Insight into the Pattern Collection

Plant leaves design 3.jpg
Colour Way 1 HEX BY COLUMN.jpg
Design pattern hex by column with backgr
nEW dESIGN heat press.jpg
Lino print.jpg

CAD Visuals

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